The Something Vegan: Plant-Based Community

Vegan or Plant-Based?

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What is the purpose of “The Something Vegan” facebook page? The page is intended to share feel-good stories. Sharing of recipes and positive ideas. a Platform to assist those that are new to a plant-based or vegan lifestyle to make their journey easier. This page is also intended to share some love with other vegan pages. Trying to build a plant-based community that encourages and celebrates each other, plus adding a bit of sense of humour into it as well because life should be celebrated in all ways. No negativity. If you hate a brand or product, do not post it on this page. If you see animal abuse and graphic imagery, do not post it there. We understand the importance of activism and education yes. But not all of us can ‘stomach’ seeing it on a daily basis + there are many other groups / pages whose sole purpose is to educate and promote veganism. Let’s build a community full of love, curiosity, and positivity here. Love and light my friends, it can go a long way. 🙂

Available to anyone that is vegan or plant-based, as well as those that are curious and needing some friendly faces to ask some questions too or just share some ideas with. See you there! – Shaun Zietsman

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