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Catfluencers: Making Social Media Purr-fect

When you think of influencers, the first thing that comes to mind is people who share their experiences in fashion, travel, food, and healthy living. However, there is a different kind of influencer that is making waves, namely ‘Catfluencers’ (That’s short for cat influencers for the uninitiated). Many of these ‘catfluencers’ are at least as […]

The Silencing of Bruno – What Is Going on?

Is it a complete coincidence, or is it planned propaganda, or is it a Disney exec that somehow got hurt by someone named Bruno? Well, what I have discovered is that the Disney movie Encanto and the Pixar movie Luca both negatively use the name Bruno for one of their characters, both with the storyline […]

National Dish Of South Africa? #NotMyBobotie

Yes, it has happened… again! Bobotie. The evil has risen back from the dead as international foodie influencers create havoc in South Africa by proclaiming that our national dish is once again… BOBOTIE! Ever so often, our country is in an uproar over the fact that firstly, the majority of us have never even eaten […]

Staying Paw-Sitive: The Dog Influencers

Long gone are the days when pets are merely viewed as a separate part of the household. Pets of all kinds form part of your family and ‘family’ means no one gets left behind. With the influx of social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, social media users have decided to also start including their […]


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