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MOYA LIVE review – Prepare To Be Spellbound By This Contemporary Circus Show

I was privileged enough to attend the opening night of MOYA LIVE presented by the ZIP ZAP CIRCUS at The Teatro, Montecasino on the opening night of 04 August 2022. The Teatro, has never looked so good! Seeing each and every chair filled, and hearing the chattering and laughter of a crowd eager to see […]

Pangolin – The Most Trafficked Mammal In The World

The only mammal in the world, covered in scales. Due to this they often get compared to being a reptile, instead of a mammal. Pangolins are shy, curious and nocturnal. A Unique group of insect-eating animals that feed mainly on termites and ants and they have become one of the most trafficked mammals in the […]

Catfluencers: Making Social Media Purr-fect

When you think of influencers, the first thing that comes to mind is people who share their experiences in fashion, travel, food, and healthy living. However, there is a different kind of influencer that is making waves, namely ‘Catfluencers’ (Thatโ€™s short for cat influencers for the uninitiated). Many of these ‘catfluencers’ are at least as […]

The Silencing of Bruno – What Is Going on?

Is it a complete coincidence, or is it planned propaganda, or is it a Disney exec that somehow got hurt by someone named Bruno? Well, what I have discovered is that the Disney movie Encanto and the Pixar movie Luca both negatively use the name Bruno for one of their characters, both with the storyline […]


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