MOYA LIVE review – Prepare To Be Spellbound By This Contemporary Circus Show

I was privileged enough to attend the opening night of MOYA LIVE presented by the ZIP ZAP CIRCUS at The Teatro, Montecasino on the opening night of 04 August 2022. The Teatro, has never looked so good! Seeing each and every chair filled, and hearing the chattering and laughter of a crowd eager to see what is in store for them was truly amazing to see in a post-covid lockdown world.

Fresh from receiving standing ovations at the National Arts Festival, MOYA, the live show of the ZIP ZAP CIRCUS performing company, delighted us all with a stunning show of contemporary circus artistic interpretation. The crowd was mesmerised from the first moment and smiles could be seen even long after it eventually ended.

The production is rooted in South African culture, seen through the eyes of our youth. Celebrating unity and diversity through spectacular visual interpretations. The passion can be seen through each cast member’s unique talents, and the joy felt throughout the show that they are having just as amazing a time on stage as the audience members cheering for them.

Filled with song, poetry, empowering music and such a talented cast, the opening night was a celebration of hard work coming to life. Remarkable. Stunning. Highly recommended.

The show was originally conceptualised in 2019 with the intention to tour internationally, however, due to the COVID-19 pandemic they, unfortunately, had to revert to putting all plans on hold. Did this not hold the dream back though, as the concept was then instead re-imagined into a movie. MOYA, the award-winning acrobatic art film was released in 2021 to huge acclaim and won several stunning international awards. Post COVID-19 MOYA, the live show, was performed on stage for the first time in February 2022.

To get a taste of what to expect, watch the MOYA trailer: 

Bookings for the performances are available on Quicket with ticket prices ranging from R190 – R290.

The Teatro at Montecasino Performance Dates:
Thursday, 4th August               20h00
Friday, 5th August                    20h00
Saturday, 6th August               14h00 and 20h00
Sunday, 7th August                 11h00 and 14h00

MOYA Live is proudly supported by the National Arts Council, the Department of Sports, Arts & Culture, the Embassy of Switzerland, Cav’ Platform a project of the Goethe-Institut, TotalEnergies Marketing South Africa, and the French Institute of South Africa (IFAS).

Photography credit to the talented Joan Ward.

Meet The Spectacular Cast:

Bridgette Berning – She first discovered the circus through a primary school teacher who started a social circus called Sisonke. After completing high school, she joined Zip Zap’s vocational programme, Dare2Dream, hoping to accomplish her goal of travelling and performing around the world. She has been seconded to join MOYA as a performer. Her acts in the show include Silks, Flyer, Contortion and Dance.

Jacobus (Trompie) Claasen Affectionately known as ‘Trompie’ Jacobus was introduced to Zip Zap in 2009. He found his passion for dance, acting and circus as a medium to express himself. Jacobus has flourished as a performer and excels at circus disciplines unicycle, juggling and tumbling. His sense of fun, comedy and his quirky character makes him an endearing favourite with audiences. His acts in the show include Flyer, Bounce Juggler and Acrobat.

Jason Barnard A multi-disciplinary circus performer with a compelling stage presence, Jason started at Zip Zap when he was just 8 years old, for an initial 4 years. After moving to the United Kingdom, he returned when he was 19. He is one of South Africa’s premier jugglers, performing the only gravity juggling act in the country. Jason is super talented, was a top achiever in the vocational circus programme Dare2Dream and the recipient of awards acknowledging his versatile achievements. Jason composed and performs the poetic rap in the show. His other acts in the show include Porter, Bounce Juggler, Acrobat, and Dance.

Lukhanyo Samson is currently completing Zip Zap’s vocational programme, Dare2Dream and has been seconded to join Zip Zap’s professional performing company in the MOYA live show. His acts include Flyer, Acrobat and Dance.

Luqmaan Benjamin, born and bred in Cape Town, had big dreams of becoming a football player but lost interest when he discovered acrobatics and tricking at the age of 17. In 2020 he discovered Zip Zap Circus and joined its vocational programme, Dare2Dream, with limited experience of the circus but a lot of energy to learn. He has been seconded to MOYA as a performer. His acts include Acrobat, Porter, and Dance.

Matthew Risk was born in Cape Town. Having a love for music, he is also a music producer and often makes instrumental tracks for musicians to rap/sing over. After having been part of Zip Zap Circus since 2012, Matthew graduated from school in 2020, and joined Zip Zap’s vocational programme, Dare2Dream, and has been seconded to join MOYA as a performer. His acts in the show include Unicycle, Acrobat, Porter, and Dance.

Phelelani Ndakroka, also known as ‘Ree’, was born in Cape Town, and joined Zip Zap in 2010. Ree has remarkable physicality, blended artfully with intense creative expression, captivating audiences. He is an international award-winning performer, having won Best Performer at the International Circus Awards 2021 for his performance in MOYA, An Acrobatic Art Film. His acts in the show include Cyr Wheel, Straps, Acrobat, and Dance.

Uthmaan Benjamin was born in Cape Town. He has spent many years of his life experimenting with various art forms including dance, music and tricking but has found his passion in acrobatics. He lives by the motto ‘You never work a day in your life if you do what you love’ and has discovered Zip Zap through his twin brother Luqmaan. He is currently completing Zip Zap’s vocational programme, Dare2Dream, and has been seconded to join MOYA as a performer. His acts in the show include Acrobat, Porter, and Dance.

Vuyani Lottering Born and still living in Nyanga, Cape Town, Vuyani has been part of the Zip Zap family since 2015. He started in Zip Zap’s Intermediate programme, and today he is a polished, dedicated, and talented performer. In 2019 Vuyani was the recipient of the Zip Zap Student of the Year award.  His acts in the show include Ball Juggler, Acrobat, Porter, and Dance.

After their shows are complete in Johannesburg, the MOYA cast is set to go WOW the crowd in Europe for a three-month tour in France and I would like to wish them all the best on the upcoming shows.

Oh, and before I forget… the opening night was met with a standing ovation for these amazing performers! So what are you waiting for? BOOK THOSE TICKETS! You cannot miss out on seeing them!

Stay Curious! Stay Blessed!

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  1. Right??? This show was UNBELIEVABLE. My entire family and I were floored by it – and I’m soooo glad you introduced the cast – I was so sure 2 guys were brothers 😂😂


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