The Silencing of Bruno – What Is Going on?

Is it a complete coincidence, or is it planned propaganda, or is it a Disney exec that somehow got hurt by someone named Bruno? Well, what I have discovered is that the Disney movie Encanto and the Pixar movie Luca both negatively use the name Bruno for one of their characters, both with the storyline trying to silence the character.

In Luca – The story of a young sea monster named Luca was told when he visited the surface world for the first time. There, he befriended Alberto, another sea monster living on land. Since the boys constantly got themselves into trouble, Alberto taught Luca the phrase, Silenzio, Bruno! – Meaning, keep quiet Bruno or Don’t talk Bruno.

This became the characters’ catchphrase, which they shouted at the voice in their heads whenever they doubted themselves.

In Encanto the Madrigals family were blessed with magical powers. Each member of the family has a unique gift. The movie introduced us to the song “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” which referred to the fact that the whole town, even Bruno’s own family, believed that Bruno’s visions of the future caused bad things to happen to them. Eventually, this drove Bruno to go into hiding, and the townsfolk refused to speak about him.

With the name Bruno appearing in both Encanto and Luca, and the fact that both are used in a negative way to showcase doubt, angst and fear… one cannot help but wonder… why? Both movies fall under the Disney-owned studios and both movies were released within the same year. Is there more to this or is it an honest case of, accidental coincidence?

According to Lin-Manuel Miranda, who wrote and produced all eight of Encanto’s songs, the name was switched to Bruno to better fit the lyrics, and the original name was intended to be Oscar while the Director Enrico Casarosa for the movie Luca has stated the word Bruno, was chosen at random to mimic a rememberable catchphrase for the movie.

Regardless of the intended use of the word Bruno, and the silencing of said person/idea. It is fascinating still to see that Bruno is a key element of the franchise. Even if it was not intended… they still decided to continue to use Bruno in the live-action tv series MS Marvel as one of the main characters. In the comic books, Bruno Carrelli was the only friend of Kamala Khan who knew she was secretly the super hero Ms. Marvel. He also helped her cover her heroic activities from her parents.

Will the ‘coincidence’ continue of a silenced Bruno for this character as well? Let’s see.

Stay Curious! Stay Blessed!

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