National Dish Of South Africa? #NotMyBobotie

Yes, it has happened… again! Bobotie. The evil has risen back from the dead as international foodie influencers create havoc in South Africa by proclaiming that our national dish is once again… BOBOTIE!

Ever so often, our country is in an uproar over the fact that firstly, the majority of us have never even eaten bobotie, or even know where you can buy it or how to cook it. Secondly, bobotie is … gross.

How can this remain to be seen as our country’s national dish? No man.

Bobotie in it’s natural habitat: Photo from

I know, many of you will be shaking your heads saying how can I not like bobotie. Well, its simply one of those dishes with its roots from the Cape where you either love it or you fully despise it. Bobotie is made with a concoction of sweet, fruity and spiced mince baked with a rich custardy-like egg topping.

Sweet – fruity – spiced mince with egg. Yeah… Still a massive no from me.

Truth be told, with the South African landscapes being so vastly filled with various cultures and such amazing cultural backgrounds, it would be quite ridiculous to proclaim one as the master over all the rest, as the national dish. We have 11 official languages. Why do we only have one official dish?

South Africans on twitter has lots of opinions on this… as always haha!

South African food is truly unique. Filled with the love of our people and culture. A mix of African, French, Malay, Dutch and others have influenced our cuisine for decades, creating finger-licking worthy meals for all kinds of people.

Now if Bobotie is our national dish, but a lot of South Africans have to ask… what is that? Why don’t we change our National dish – and make it more inclusive of some favourites that we all most likely have enjoyed in our life at some stage.

What about simply put, a Braai? Arguably the most iconic association with South Africans. Or Amagwinya with mince or polony? What about just going the basic Boerie-roll route? But we could always go the route of a typical Durban style bunny chow or a famed-Kota and chips. Or pap or isidudu…  well pap by itself really.

Regardless of what our national dish should be. We truly need to stand together and say #NotMyBobotie – Let me know on my twitter post below, what you would want our national dish to be next.

For those that still wants to try and make bobotie to try it out for yourself… Check out this link to a recipe from Foodie on Board. Thoughts and prayers to you though

Stay Curious! Stay Blessed!

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