Donald Duck – A Legend

If you aren’t aware of who the famous “Donald Fauntleroy Duck” is, you probably way too young or have been living in bikini bottom with SpongeBob… because by now EVERYONE should know Donald. Well to start off with, he is a cartoon character created by The Walt Disney Company. Donald is an anthropomorphic white duck with a yellow-orange bill, legs, and feet. He typically wears a sailor shirt and cap with a bow tie. He is known for not wearing pants *gasp* and having a foul mouth and temper.

Donald Duck first had his theatrical appearance in The Wise Little Hen (1934) but it was his second appearance in Orphan’s Benefit that same year that introduced him as a temperamental comic foil to Mickey Mouse. Over the next two decades, Donald appeared in more than 150 theatrical films, several of that ended up being Academy Award winners of note.

Donald typically appeared as part of a comedic trio with his friends Mickey Mouse and Goofy. Eventually, due to his growing popularity, he started in his own series Don Donald (1937).

Throughout the years, he has also appeared in numerous comics, made guest appearances on other shows and movies and reached quite an audience through toys, memorabilia and many of amateur voice arts mimicking his famous voice in their spare time.

Donald Duck’s various animation styles throughout the years.

He has been a famous star, for over 80 years. June the 9th has been chosen as his special day of Donald-centric celebrations. His birthday if you wish, as this was the first day he appeared back in 1934. However, even though many see June 9th as his birthday, his actual birthday is on 13 March 1914.

When it comes to speaking about Donald Duck, many will bring up his famous love interest, Daisy Duck. What many people don’t know is that this was not his first love interest. In comics, there was a lady called Donna that used to be his love interest… but later, Daisy replaced her and they made Donna the sassy next-door neighbour that simply flirts way too much with Donald (Even in front of Daisy!). We love Daisy Duck though! #TeamDaisy

Donald Duck with his love interest, Daisy Duck.

Donald The famed duck starred in a series of shorts during World War II that involved the positive-thinking duck developing a deep appreciation for the American troops and a hefty dislike of Nazi Germany (referred to as “Nutzi Land” in the films).  In the most famous of these, Der Fuehrer’s Face, Donald has a horrible nightmare that he is working in a Nutzi Land factory, a dream he’s more than grateful to wake up from. The film won the Oscar for Best Short Subject, Cartoons in 1943, and turned Donald into something of a hero.

During the rest of his days, he is also a beloved uncle to his three nephews, Huey, Dewey, and Louie. It is a bit unclear what actually happened to their mother Thelma – Donald’s twin sister, but rumour has it she actually became an astronaut OR, the writers simply just had no idea what to do with her…

Another, odd thing that you might not realise, is that Donald is believed to be partially colourblind.

Take a look of some of Donald ducks moments below!

Or, if you are curious about how to talk like Donald Duck – I’ve got you covered below!

As you can see, Donald is one very unique duck, with many credits and attributes to his name. Donald Duck is the only one in his field who can happily lay claim to having his very own asteroid. Discovered by Italian astronomers Piero Sicoli and Pierangelo Ghezzi back in 1995, the asteroid—12410—received its official “Donald Duck” naming on September 23, 2010.

Donald Duck’s presence in pop culture extends far and wide. He even serves as the representative mascot for the University of Oregon’s Fighting Ducks since 1947. As well as seeing him in more films, toys, art work, and more.

Donald Duck’s Family Tree

Stay Curious! Stay Blessed!

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