Tu’er Shen – The Rabbit God For The LGBTQIA+

Tu’er Shen (兔儿神 or simply, Tu Shen, 兔神; The Leveret Spirit) is a Chinese Shenist or religious Daoist deity who manages the love and sex between male homosexuals. The patron god of gay men, his name is more often colloquially translated as the Rabbit God or Rabbit Deity. His adherents refer to him as Da Ye (大爷, The Master). Even though it has been mainly predominantly male-related, it is said that Tu’er Shen has been open to all LGBTQIA+ community members.

In addition to also being called the moon rabbit, a pet of the Moon Goddess Chang’e and connected with moon worship. Tu’er Shen, is a separate deity of Southern Chinese and more recent origin.

Tu’er Shen or Tu Shen, is a Chinese deity who manages love and sex between homosexual people. His name literally means “rabbit deity”. Legend has it that he was a guy named Hu Tianbao, and in a folk tale from 17th century Fujian, he was a soldier that was in love with a provincial official. He secretly spied on this official in order to see him naked. The officer caught him and had the soldier tortured and later killed.

Once he got to the underworld after he was killed, the guards were quite lenient and basically suggested that since his ‘crime’ was that of love and passion, how about he returns to the earthly realms in the form of a deity, of men who love men instead. So they sent him back up, and he returned from the dead in the form of a leveret (a rabbit in its first year) and appeared in the dream of a village elder.

He then basically demanded that local men build a temple to him where they can burn incense in the interest of “affairs of men”. This in return got so big and ‘out of hand’ that the Qing dynasty got involved and had to show their disapproval openly.

In modern China, the chances of finding any kind of temple for Tu’er Shen is very rare to do their governments stances on LGTBQIA+ affairs, but in Taiwan there is a temple that can be visited that still practice and worship the Rabbit God.

Rituals for worshipping the Rabbit God would come in various forms. Even though you could do many things, this deity is most concerned about your sincerity in requesting answers from him. For this reason, followers should address the god as “Da Ye” (大爺), or “Master“, rather than “Rabbit God“. Then, those with needs can write down their names, addresses, birthdays and prayers on pieces of paper money and burn them to make sure the messages are sent to heaven.

In another form of worship, personal items can be brought before the altar for Da Ye’s blessings. It is believed that wearing the items will reinforce the power of blessings. Some followers believe that blessed skin-care products are more effective and increase the likelihood of romance.

Watch the below from Youtuber Hakka Moi for even more information.

Also take a look at the short art film Below called Kiss of the Rabbit God by Andrew Thomas Haung.

A Chinese-American restaurant worker falls in love with an 18th century Qing dynasty god who visits him at night and leads him on a journey of sexual awakening and self-discovery.

Stay Curious! Stay Blessed!

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