Weird Inventions That Maybe Shouldn’t Exist

Throughout the last few years, there have been a lot of weird things happening, but there have been even weirder things invented in the form of applications, robotics, toys, or just tools and devices that make you think… WHY? So, I’ve decided to share with you some of the most WTF inventions that I have come across that make me question why people are actually funding this.

The SlugBot

The technology debuted in 2001 and promised to crawl over soil looking for slugs using a light. When it spotted one, it would pick up the invader and store it. Bacteria inside Slugbot “digested” the slugs, which would then be used as an organic power source for the machine. So the SlugBot, runs on… SLUGS.

The Selfie Toaster

This is a toaster from the Vermont Novelty Toaster Corporation released in 2014. It does exactly what it says. Make a selfie of your face, in your toast. Basically, you will get to butter yourself up in the mornings. I guess if you really want a novelty kind of a gift this could be fun for a hot second or two.

The Necomimi

Brainwave cat ears. Yes. I know. Japan brought humans and cats even closer in 2012 when they invented the Necomimi which is a set of mechanical cat ears that measure brainwaves, and then the ears will react to the wearers’ moods. So if your ears are perked up, you are interested. If your ears are droopy, you are chilled and relaxed, and if you are really focussing they will wriggle.

The Ostrich Pillow

This bizarre invention means people can nap anywhere – but it means wearing a ‘pillow balaclava’ and looking like a complete idiot while doing it.

On the plus side, it is luxurious and will ensure you don’t wake up with a stiff neck or any other aches and pains after having a quick nap at your local supermarket, airport, or at your desk at work apparently…

The Dogbrella

The Dogbrella is just what it sounds like—an umbrella for dogs. It is inverted so that a person can hold the handle from above while the Dogbrella protects a small dog from the rain. The leash attaches to the underside.

It was a major Amazon sensation back in 2017.

The Uro Club

In 2010, urologist Lloyd Seskin introduced the Uro Club—a hollow golf club that allows a player to urinate discreetly. You would also get a piece of fabric ‘shield’ that would make observers think you’re just taking a practice swing. It’s also leak-proof and easy to clean they say. Please watch this video below from 2010… it’s just so much cringe!

The Fliz

Harness yourself onto the over-frame with wheels and speed downhills I guess?

The Fliz concept bicycle experiments with this idea and employs a harness system that the rider can hang from, rather than sit on the frame.

Nose Stylus

Dominic Wilcox came up with the Nose Stylus idea as a means to make multi-tasking even more effective.

Looks were obviously less of a consideration, or perhaps he just really liked cosplaying as Pinocchio.

The Inner Selfie Stick

It does exactly what it says.

Their slogan is: “Get the hole picture”.

I couldn’t even post any of their other promo photos here because you have left immediately…

The Finger Fork

It’s a fork, for your finger – sigh okay I give up. Why??

Lastly, let me show one of my favourites

A Weird Workstation

Back in the 70s designers were coming up with weird and wonderful seating arrangements for workers.

This included insane things like this figure-hugging chair, a built-in typewriter, and even some earphones with extendable aerials. A vision of tech luxury for the time

Stay Curious, Stay Blessed!

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