Meet Kovini Moodley: Founder of Boss Babes of South Africa

Boss Babes of South Africa ® is an inspirational, skill-sharing, philanthropic digital platform aimed at leveraging skills through collaboration with powerful, professional women who freely offer their skills and knowledge to empower the Boss Babes community.

They believe that women empowerment is innate and knowing your self-worth, value, and power is absolutely key to being able to contribute in a tangible way towards empowering women in our communities.

“Don’t allow anyone to dim your shine or talk fear into your dreams, be your own person and let your light shine through. We are all on a quest to be the best versions of ourselves, so follow your purpose because life is simply too short.”

Kovini Moodley. Founder of Boss Babes of South Africa

I asked the founder, Kovini Moodley some questions about who she is and what Boss Babes of South Africa is all about.

Boss Babes of South Africa inspires and empowers thousands of powerful women in South Africa on a daily basis. Kovini you have led this movement from the start. Why did you feel that South Africa needed such a unique movement? “I believe that the world needs more positive upliftment and we all can contribute towards a solution that makes the world a better place. I’ve always had the desire to impact causes greater than myself and this platform allows me to utilise my skills, knowledge, and passion to impact other lives positively.”

From doing inspiring talks with other successful women to sharing more personal stories, what has been one of the most rewarding aspects of BBSA to you? “I’m grateful every day for the opportunity to inspire, motivate and impact the women of South Africa. It’s truly rewarding to hear so many personal stories of success that stem from the platform. Our DMs are filled with women who appreciate our content and find it relatable and enriching. Much of our skill-sharing initiatives are also practical so women leave with key takeaways in terms of knowledge and the ability to build their network.”

Authenticity. Skill sharing. Powerful. Sisterhood. These are all words that showcase who and what BBSA is all about. What words would you use to best describe yourself as the Founder of BBSA? “Authentic, self-empowered, leader, Visionary & Animal Lover.”

BBSA is a sisterhood filled with committed women contributing their skill sets and collaborating with other women in the organisation. Can you give us more of an inside look at what kind of skill-sharing and collaborations are taking place and the impact it has created? “We have a mentorship program which is led by key professionals who want to give back to society and impact younger women. I personally mentor 11 young Chartered Accountants who are entering the corporate world and gain tremendous insight on best practice initiatives. Women can register their skill offerings on to be a contributor towards the platform. We have also have utilised the platform to offer support from a mental health perspective over the covid pandemic,  with many professionals offering their services free of charge to support individuals on a 1 on 1 basis.”

Kovini, you are a chartered accountant, entrepreneur, philanthropist, creator, influencer, activist and so much more, how do you do it all? What is your motivation and how do you achieve the goals you set out for yourself? “I believe in celebrating all facets of one’s self, we should never be defined by a job, societal norms, or the judgment of others. My parents always encouraged me to explore a variety of activities and integrating them into life makes it more meaningful. Your purpose will reach you through various channels, it’s up to you to embrace them and derive joy from them. When you’re truly passionate about a cause or an idea achieving your goals and aspirations becomes seamless and enjoyable! I want to continue to grow my corporate career and continue to lead teams towards their truest purpose!”

What are your vision and aspirations for BBSA? “I want to hopefully partner with leading South African brands in the future to be able to impact and inspire more South Africans through sponsorships and bursary programs. Education is such a powerful tool that many young South Africans need access to, it’s a societal gamechanger.”

Who do you personally look up to and why? “Oprah has been a long-time inspiration for me, her authenticity and own personal journey is such a powerful example that our dreams are valid and that we all have the power to own and impact our lives, towards greatness.”

In South Africa, we face severe gender-based violence, discrimination against women, and inequality. How would your advice be on how to best combat this and how can we build a better community? “It all starts with education and that’s when we need to be focusing to create a sustainable solution towards this pandemic. We also need to start having conversations with men instead of other women, men have a great role to play in terms of holding other men accountable towards a solution.”

Self-confidence and self-empowerment can be seen as being extremely important to succeed. You definitely have succeeded with regard to this. Many people might not know how to build that self-confidence and how to empower themselves. What would be your advice to them? “Self Confidence is not an overnight activity or exercise, it’s important to reaffirm our self-worth and focus on tasks that we are naturally talented in. I’ve had to build myself up over the years and make a deliberate attempt at being excellent at my skill set, when you’re focused and display a strong work ethic in your various endeavors, confidence becomes a natural progression. Focus on your craft and do the hard work, until you no longer have to.”

From being actively involved in BBSA to doing talks and other ventures, how do you remain motivated, as well as still take care of your mental health in today’s busy society? “Having safe spaces is so critical to maintaining a healthy mental space. I choose to surround myself with supportive and authentic women daily and having such a powerful tribe behind me has been truly life-changing.  I also focus on rest days and some weekends I choose to rest and rejuvenate. I have also learned to set healthy boundaries between my personal and professional spaces, balance is key for any good relationship. I’m a firm believer in embracing help when it is needed, we need to break the stigma around Mental Health. Mental Health is health, so it needs to be given the necessary attention as would any medical related condition.”

What does a typical day in the life of Kovini Moodley look like? “My day starts early with meditation and a few inspiring YouTube videos. A quick Call with my besties and family and the day is ready to start!. My corporate job gives me so much joy and starts at 9 am, it feels awesome to utilise your skills and knowledge to impact organizations. I’ve been focusing a lot on work-life integration and believe that integration is key to living a fulfilling life.

How can I, as a ‘Something Guy’ – show my support and assist the powerful women of Boss Babes of South Africa? “Were so grateful for the partnerships with The Something Guy and all other media people who have offered us so much love and support.  We really are so lucky to be able to collaborate as South Africans. We would love to know what type of skills you could offer to the platform as well.”

What is next for Kovini Moodley? Is anything exciting planned for 2022? “Hopefully some great partnerships and relationships that grow stronger.”

If a potential Boss Babe to be is reading this and they would like to join your organisation and share their skillset with others, how would they go about doing this? “Please register on,  it takes a few minutes and you’re all signed up!”

You can follow/contact Kovini Moodley and Boss Babes of South Africa through one of the following channels:

Kovini, thank you for chatting with me. I cannot wait to see your journey unfold to see what is next! Stay Curious, Stay Blessed!

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