A Year After My Covid: Long Covid

I have been struggling with long covid for a long time. It’s been a year since I have had my covid and I just never really recovered fully. Every day is a new day, you honestly don’t know what you are going to be getting. Can you taste the food, can you smell the rain, can you stand up without wanting to faint. Will I be able to remember where I left my car keys or will I forget my own damn surname?

People think that all variants of covid are like the latest omicron where it is very few after-effects. While many people like myself suffer from the Delta variant still. Who knows what the next variant might bring u?

Below is a Twitter thread where I spoke a bit more.

Posted on my Twitter page: @TheSomethingGuy

Learn more about long covid in some of the youtube videos below:

Stay Curious, Stay Blessed!

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