Minnie Mouse Just Got Herself A New Look!

Minnie Mouse, an absolute Icon, just got a designer pantsuit makeover by Stella Mcartney to commemorate International Women’s day and the 30th anniversary of Disneyland Paris. I must say, that this has been hated by many people saying it’s taking away from Minnie’s Iconic look, but as the majority is pointing out, Minnie has been an absolute legend in Fashion and she has had various styles throughout her famous life.

The Evolution of Minnie Mouse – Offstage WDW
Different designs of the beloved character throughout the years.

Acclaimed British fashion designer Stella McCartney however was the brains behind the beloved Disney character’s revamp this time around, which aims to commemorate International Women’s Day and the 30th anniversary of Disneyland Paris.

She ditched the skirt/dress scenes and went for a stylish fitted dark blue pantsuit with black stripes, but still keeping the signature bow that Minnie is known for as a part of the ensemble.

Disney and Stella McCartney have released a sneak peek at Minnie’s new look on social media while the full makeover will be released in March 2022.

Minnie Mouse is trading her iconic red dress for a power pantsuit - CNN  Style
Minnie Mouse will wear pants and her new ‘look’.

What are your thoughts on this new look? Is it too much? Is it just enough change? While you are pondering that, keep in mind how this beloved cartoon character has gone through design changes throughout the years already… this is nothing new, except this time she is wearing pants. The fact that pants on a female cartoon character in the year 2022 are causing outrage… is worrisome.

Just saying… check the people in your life if they are the ones finding issues with a strong powerful CARTOON woman looking epic in her new Pantsuit.

Minnie Mouse - Disney Poster (The Evolution Of Minnie) (Mickey Mouse) -  Walmart.com
Minnie Mouse throughout the years, always stylish!

Also, let’s face it, the real-life Minnie Mouse in Disney Theme Parks has NOT had the best outfits in the beginning… the look and feel of Minnie have changed a lot, which is a GOOD THING if you ask me… I mean, look at the first four in the photo below!

Stay Curious! Stay Blessed!

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