The Black Alien Project: The Most Modified Human

A 33-year-old Frenchman Anthony Loffredo has been transforming his body into a black alien-like form. According to his Instagram profile, he is currently only at about 37% progress of transformation after he recently got his fingers sliced off to create a claw on his left hand.

The wannabe extraterrestrial has undergone so many procedures from getting his nose and upper lip cut off to splitting his tongue and also covering almost his entire body in tattoos. His goal is to turn himself, into an alien completely.

What is his definition of an alien? I think only he knows. Considering how far away he is from achieving his goal of 100%, I can only imagine what he has planned for his body next. Going from a good-looking guy to a… unique looking alien? Not sure how to phrase that to be honest.

One of his most recent surgeries was to give himself a claw, and he posted new images to document his grotesque surgery.“I develop my inner peace,” he captioned on the image of his hand, which appears to have stitches where the ring finger and pinky use to be.

For some people, what Anthony is doing can be deemed as disturbing, frightening, or even psychologically not okay. However, for others, they might see it as a form of expression where he found who he wants to truly be and he is going for it without anything or anyone holding him back.

Is it worth it though? Not entirely sure how he earns his income, or what his overall health is like. But considering how he is not planning on stopping anytime soon, one can only wonder how much the end result would affect his mental health and also those in his life. Does he have a psychological disorder or is he 100% in the right state of mind?

Also makes you think about the doctors, such as the plastic surgeons that perform this kind of surgery on people. Are they in it purely for the money? Or are they in it for the experimental ‘Victor Frankenstein’ vibes where they can legally, just go ‘wild’ without any repercussions? OR, they could simply be great people, providing the best care to someone and seeing them as a person, and choosing to rather provide a safe space to do this instead of them finding someone unqualified willing to do the same.

Once you scroll through his Instagram page, you can appreciate the artistic approach to his photos and videos. He knows what he is doing and knows how to build that audience space. He also legitimately seems like a brilliantly nice guy/alien/person.

I did see one part though, that caught my attention, and it was not the alien part. It was the below images of cyborg-like beautifully designed legs. It seems that this will also eventually form part of his transformation. How it works, I am not sure about. But still looks pretty epic!

Anthony Loffredo looks bizarre, different, beautiful, crazy, weird, and amazing all at once. Expression is beautiful. Some might not be able to stomach looking at him because we as humans are designed to look away and fear the unknown. Luckily for Anthony, he is leaving the human parts of himself behind and embracing something quite different. For him, he is finding himself. For us, we are discovering a unique life through a birds-eye-view with him.

Wishing him nothing but love and light, on his journey of new discoveries.

He has been showcasing his journey via his Instagram account dubbed The_Black_Alien_Project – You can follow his entire journey there with roughly a million other followers keen to see what he has planned next.

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