Dinopithecus: The Ancient Baboon Our Ancestors Most Likely Had to Fight

The Dinopithecus (meaning terrible ape) was found from Ethiopia to South Africa from between 12 to 20 000 years ago. This means that our ancestors most likely had it quite tough having to regularly encounter a baboon roughly between 1.5 to 1.8 Meters tall that was most likely omnivorous in diet, meaning you could also have been on the menu.

Already our regular modern age baboons such as his closest living relative the Olive Baboon can be terrifying close up, now imagine one twice the size, twice the aggression. That must have been absolutely horrendous to handle on a regular basis.

Dinopithecus, the “terrible ape” was a genus of large Baboon from South  Africa. At 100lbs it was twice the size of modern Baboons. :  r/Naturewasmetal
Dinopithecus, the “terrible ape” was a genus of large Baboons from South Africa. At 50KGs it was twice the size of modern Baboons.

The Dinopithecus lived during the Pliocene to the Pleistocene epoch of South Africa. It was named by the Scottish paleontologist Robert Broom in 1937. Interesting to think though that some of our ancestors in South Africa would have encountered them while going on expeditions for food or even while migrating. With their strength and sharp teeth, we would have definitely had to defend our families and be equally as afraid of these species as with some others from the feline section of our beautiful African lands.

Theropithecus brumpti - Wikipedia
Dinopithecus Skull
Dinopithecus Size by Ta-tea-two-te-to on DeviantArt
On all fours, they might have seemed smaller, but standing up – quite intimidating.

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