Living Brain Cells In A Dish Learns To Play ‘Pong’

Living brain cells in a dish can learn to play Pong when they are placed in what researchers describe as a “virtual game world”. “We think it’s fair to call them cyborg’s brains,” says Brett Kagan, chief scientific officer of Cortical Labs, who leads the research.

Brain cells playing pong
Credit: Cortical Labs/New Scientist

It turns out that living brain cells in a dish can actually learn how to play the classic game Pong much faster than artificial intelligence can. Not to say, it can outplay AI, but at least it can learn faster. Way to go living brain cells!

 A network of neurons in a dish, or a “mini-brain”, are placed into a virtual game world environment and given a goal-oriented task. This is the first time these neuron networks have been found to perform such a task.

You can see the software and brain cells in action in the below video:

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