Join The Something Guy WhatsApp Group For Weekly Updates

Keen to join a WhatsApp group for The Something Guy? Best part? Only Admins will be posting. So no spam-filled timeline with messages late at night or those nasty internet trolls creating arguments for no apparent reason. 

You will receive only one to two messages per week from me. Sharing amongst other things:

  • New blog posts from The Something Guy
  • Links to other amazing South African creators
  • Unique articles from across the interwebs
  • Trivia and other fun facts
  • Tips and tricks to make your life easier
  • Weather updates for the upcoming weekend
  • Jokes, Memes, and other fun entertainment

Not forgetting any breaking news updates, as and when it happens. I mean, we never know when the president will speak again or on which day the planned mass alien abduction will take place! (Don’t say I didn’t warn you…)

Besides, if you don’t like the updates – you can always exit the group at any time, and if you like the updates, you can share them with your friends 🙂

Join my little WhatsApp community by clicking on the below Image from your phone: 

Or by copy and paste the old fashion way here:

Stay curious!

If you are enjoying my blog and would love to show support, how about buying me a coffee?

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