Activism Apparel and Costume Couture, Blaze – The Rebellion has begun.

When you hear the word Couture, you are most likely to think Coco Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Karl Lagerfeld or even the esteemed Gianni Versace. Soon however the name Blaze will be synonymous with Couture, especially if you are South African. The new ‘Kid’ on the block has arrived, ready to start a rebellion, and break the mould of what your perception is of Couture and Fashion.

The young, fresh and upcoming designers Trey Curich and Rob Schwegmann joined together to create their ‘love-child’ called Blaze. Their desire to shake up the fashion industry and to leave a legacy of self expression, to truly be yourself was motivation enough to go on this venture together.

Blaze Fashion, is a clothing brand that is focused on Activism Apparel and Costume Couture in South Africa, but also world-wide. Filled with the right attitude, spiciness and being conscious about their target market, Trey and Rob is not messing about. They are going big, and planning great things.

The Brand is all about the movement and the conversations around some of the most socially hush hush topics. Their message is clear – #FuckLabels and #FuckGenderRoles. When you wear Blaze it is all about being exactly who you want to be, and not who society wants you to be. Living your truth, being your authentic you and expressing yourself in any way you choose fit. Gay, Straight, Trans, Black, white, They or Them. It does not matter. Breaking the mould and being who you were always meant to be is what Blaze is about.

Being part of the movement, making that statement and simply saying ‘fuck you’. Blaze was designed to be a bit cheeky, made rebellious and having that extra feeling to it that you deserve.

“Blaze is not different, you are”. Trey Curich.

Trey and Rob, are fierce individuals who are here to stand out and they know precisely how to do it. Not only are they creating stunning glitzy glamorous designs through their Couture range, but they are also modelling a lot of their designs themselves. There is no better way to saying #FuckLabels by modeling it yourself and doing such an amazing job of it.

Their products are designed and manufactured locally in South Africa. Proudly supporting the local economy as well as a proud LGBTQIA+ Ally and openly campaign for equality and fighting discrimination of any kind. Blaze is also environmentally conscious and therefore uses responsible clothing manufacturers and suppliers for all that projects.

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You can also #Follow them on their Social Media platforms below and be one of the first people to see what they are up to next, like their upcoming swimwear collection.

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With extensive research, lots of artistic inspiration and taking the time to design the perfect couture, Blaze might be a new comer to the scene, but they are making tidal waves, ensuring that they stand out far from the rest.

Download or view their official press release Below:

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