Ruining Your Childhood: Let’s Discuss The Fairly OddParents

Firstly, the Premise. The Fairly OddParents tells the story of a 10-year-old boy named Timmy Turner who is neglected by his parents and abused by his babysitter, Vicky. One day, he is granted two fairy godparents, Cosmo and Wanda, who grant his every wish to improve his miserable life.

Most of us have had some form of introduction to Timmy before, either through our own childhood or watching it with our nieces and nephews. But now, as with my previous editions of Running your childhood with Courage the Cowardly Dog and Mort, Let’s discuss The Fairly OddParents and let me introduce you a more sinister darker theory of the story.

Growing up, i used to be super jealous over Timmy and his magical wish granting fish (fairies). They were absolutely amazing, and hilarious at the same time, even though most of the wishes seemed to back-fire and cause havoc of some kind.

The theory i believe is that Timmy, is only imagining everything. His fish, is simply that. Fish. He imagines that they are actually fairies. Think about it, the fairies are able to grant ridiculous wishes that somehow never actually stick. Somehow it always end badly and everything gets reverted back to normal. The wishes never last.

I believe this, Timmy has an obsession with his ‘God Parents’ because perhaps they did exist in real life but somehow tragically died. This sent him into a deep depression. The depression manifested into him seeing his two god parents in the form of fairies.

Why did he start seeing them? Most likely the 10 year old was placed on anti depressants, and the fairies is a direct result of his medication. Think about it, they showed up on a dark and gloomy day and made everything better? They show up when he needs it the most?

The two oddparents, represents Zoloft and Prozac. Cosmo would be Zoloft as it makes you giddy and excited while Wanda would be Prozac as it tends to make you more analytical and focused. Both of these anti-depressants line up with the character story arch of the fairies.

When Timmy over does it, and he abuses ‘magic’ aka the anti depressants he falls into trouble.

Think about mister Crocker in the show. He is obsessed with the fairies as he used to have fairies before as he has previously stated. His extreme obsession and attitude could potentially be an indication that mister Crocker has become a drug addict in his adult life.

Mister Crocker however can be a metaphor of something even more disturbing. Timmy is convinced the teacher is trying to steal his metaphorical fairies, which in ‘real life’ could potentially represent his ‘innocence, joy, hope and good wishes for the future’. This could potentially suggest that Mr. Crocker could have made sexual advances on the young main character in the past and why Timmy is so extremely wary of this character.

Remember Vickey? The baby-sitter? Well Timmy is extremely scared of her and with good reason, the show basically shows you that Vickey is a 16 year old that is being abusive towards Timmy. He is scared to tell anyone and tries his best to just avoid her at all costs.

So Timmy is an average kid, that no one understands. He has gone through traumatic experiences of unknown origins perhaps, facing difficult trials and tribulations. The medication helps him ‘cope’ with his daily life and he tries his best to avoid the abusive adults.

Although the story is aimed at kids, i am sure the story creators never intentionally wrote it like this. But his is surely an interesting theory story arch to consider.

Thank you for reading… #TheSomethingGuy #SouthAfrica #Blog

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