The Word F*ck.

Fuck is one of the most varying and interchangeable words that exist in the English language (and probably ALL languages as well). It’s also known as the F-word and the F-bomb.

Please remember that a lot of people will be offended if you say the word fuck. Make sure you don’t say it around kids! Respect other people, the way you want to be respected.

While the word fuck is often seen as the most vulgar word in the English language, it’s very commonly used in everyday speech, and you will encounter it all over the place in many different types of media.

So where does the word Fuck come from? If you are one of the many many people that believe the word Fuck stands people who were legally banging with permission of the King, (Fornication Under Consent of the King) then I am sorry to inform you, you are actually incorrect. It makes for a great story to tell though. But let’s stop spreading that rumour now. This has been disproven, based on the time the story originated from, the English language that was used at that time and the fact that fornication and consent weren’t words that actually existed during that period.

So, where does it actually come from? We don’t know.

There are various theories. Some from ancient poems. Some stories passed down through generations and some interpretations and translations from texts where assumptions can be made from a possible origin, but no real definitive answer.

a bit more curious about the poems and texts? Wikipedia has the links to browse

Growing up, I am sure the majority of you were not raised in households where the F-bomb would be freely used. You would not see businessmen in suites using the word or have famous people just casually mentioning it in an interview.

But time just like language, changes. People adapt. People change behaviour and many times some words get reclaimed to mean, and represent something entirely then what it used to mean.

Fuck means passion.

Fuck is a word to accentuate a point.

Fuck is excitement.

Fuck is part of living life.

Fuck is a rejection of the old ways.

Saying fuck is not a bad thing anymore. It is that one word that when you can’t describe something, you say “Fuck it” or “It’s fucking hard to explain bro.”

Here is a few different ways of how the word Fuck can be used on a daily basis. However, please note that many of these phrases can still be seen as offensive and you should be careful about who you say them to, how you say it and always be respectful to others.

What the fuck. (wtf).

a common phrase that’s used when you are confused, irritated, or angry.


Used to express anger or pain.

Fuck it.

You say fuck it when you just don’t care anymore.

Holy Fuck.

Used to express surprise.

Fuck you/him/her/that/them.

Used to express anger, rage, hatred, or contempt with someone or something else.

Go Fuck Yourself.

Used in similar situations as “fuck you,” “go fuck yourself,” is used to express anger, frustration, hatred, or contempt with someone else. “Go fuck yourself” literally means to masturbate.

Fuck no. Fuck yeah.

You add fuck in front of no or yes when you want to add emphasis to it.

Fuck Me.

While fuck me can be said when you’re having sex, you will more commonly hear it being said in the context of feeling astonished or frustrated/upset at yourself.

Are you Fucking with me?

To fuck with someone means to joke with them.

If you ask someone angrily, “Are you fucking with me?!” it can also mean are you lying to me?

He’s Fucked.

To be fucked means that you are in a hopelessly bad situation that you’re unable to recover from.

That’s Fucking Stupid.

Fucking is commonly added before adjectives to add emphasis.

What a Stupid Fuck.

Fuck can also be used as a noun, but there is usually in adjective describing what type of fuck the person is. It is also used in a negative context.

I don’t give a Fuck.

To not give a fuck means you couldn’t care less about something.

Fuck Off.

Commonly used to tell someone to leave you or your stuff alone.

Where the Fuck are we?

when you are totally lost and have no idea where you are.

a Fuck Up.

a fuck up is a useless person who hasn’t done anything with his or her life.


You can also add fuck into the middle of words to add emphasis to them.

…And if this weren’t enough, check out the following video that explains it exceptionally well.

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Thank you for reading… #TheSomethingGuy #SouthAfrica

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