Ruining Your Childhood: Let’s Discuss Mort

Mortdecai (or as he is more commonly known, Mort) is one of the main recurring characters of the beloved show ‘All Hail King Julien’. He was first introduced in the ‘Madagascar’ movies and also appeared in ‘The Penguins of Madagascar’.

Mort is known for his extra squishy-ness and likeability. He has a sort-of-innocent look to him filled with cuteness and a character that everyone most likely have been made aware of throughout the years. 

However, there is a lot. I mean, really a lot that you do not know about this character. I am here to tell you the truth about Mort and who he really is. 

Species: Goodman’s Mouse Lemur

However, he is technically only 40% mouse lemur. Mort has idly mentioned before that his father was a bear, as well as possessing DNA from several other unrelated species and somehow also sawdust and wood chips. His DNA also shows part starfish which is why he has gills and the ability to regenerate his head. But wait, there is more… he is also part spider and has the ability to produce webs. 

Okay, bear with me here, that’s only the beginning. 

In All Hail King Julien: Exiled, it was revealed that mort is from a species that is near-immortal and has the ability to suck out the life force of other ‘Morts’ given them multiple personalities. 

This has given us ‘Smart Mort’ before, which is an alter ego of his own, a version of himself from another multiverse where he is an intelligent character. Mort also sucked out his grandmother’s life force and she now lives inside his mind. 

  • There is a possibility that Mort is actually bisexual. Even though he has numerous relationships with women, he has shown a very deep yet sometimes uncomfortable obsession type of interest to King Julien. 
  • His obsession with King Julien can also be seen where Mort’s entire house is full of paintings of the King and of the King’s feet.
  • So obviously a bit of a foot fetish vibes going on there… he is obsessed with feet. his obsession is so consuming that it gives him the raw strength to uproot a tree with his bare hands if given feet as an incentive. 
  • Julian opens a nightclub named “Club Moist” in “All Hail King Julien: Exiled.” Mort, who goes by the stage name Pork, is the main attraction here. His main act is performing a song about King Julian’s feet called “I Love Your Toes.” Yeah, indeed. All of this is completely accurate. Listen to the song below.
  • his most important quote is “FEEEEET!” 
Mort also tries to keep and preserve King Julien’s body multiple times when he believes he is dead, going so far as to create a display box for his severed feet.
  • Mort is portrayed to be Jewish, in a flashback it appeared that Mort was a child, getting presents on Hanukkah from grandpa Mort. 
  • Mort identifies as Nonbinary .
  • He can turn his head 180 degrees anticlockwise.
  • Mort is something upwards of 50 years old. 
  • In “Daddy Julien,” Mort is shown to have a tendency to take offense at being called “old,” when he states in a low peeved tone, “I’m not really THAT much older.”
  • It is indicated in Revenge of the Prom that Mort was abused sexually by Grammy Mort, leading to her consumption.
  • He is talented in money management.
  • He possesses great talent in the field of art.
  • He is good at playing the organ.
  • He calls his tail Rodney.
  • He is into vore… Vorarephilia, a typically erotic desire or sexual fantasy to be consumed or to consume another. He wants to be eaten multiple times in the show.

Mort’s family tree and history also raises a few questions.

Take note, that he has had 14 wives in total, 12 of which is unnamed and deceased… WHAT happened to THEM? Who were they? Sounds pretty suspicious…

This little character is loved by many, but surely his life story is an interesting one.

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