Hey Chuckaboo! Let’s Bring Back 1800’s Slang!

I am a Millennial and for as long as I can remember, the war with the Boomer generation has been flaring up mixed emotions and created scenes of extremism in the media. The term ‘OK BOOMER’ was coined and greatly achieved fame for quite a while as the battle of the generations continued.

Surprisingly, Millennials were too focused on the Boomer generation and never saw Gen-Z stepping into the game and lately they have been giving my generation a run for their money, that’s to say if my generation had any money in the first place.

Gen-Z can survive on caramel flavoured beverages, eat a doughnut and take down a government in one afternoon, but can still find time at night to diss Millenials for their taste in skinny jeans, sideway hairstyles and many… oh so many other things (cries in a corner).

Well here is a proposal. Let’s be more like Generation X – They mind their business, live their best lives and simply watches or we can all stand together and go back to the 1800s – WAIT, hear me out!

The 1800s used some ridiculously humorous and sometimes puzzling phrases that have the potential to bring everyone together. I mean… if we all sound ridiculous it might actually be unifying… right?

So if you are someone that has ever used words like LIT, or OK BOOMER, or the kind of person that would use HMU and OOF in a sentence or have called someone a SIMP in the last 24/hours… then you might as well give some of the following 1800s  slang words a try.

Skilimalink – Secret, shady, doubtful.

Gal-Sneaker – a Man devoted to a seduction. so… a fuckboy.

Bricky – Brave or fearless. Like “wow, Jessica is absolutely bricky!

Gigglemug – An habitually smiling face. Someone who is always smiling.

Back slang it – Thieves used this term to mean to go out the back way… but, it can be used in modern times to mean to slowly vanish out of sight and get out of uncomfortable situations perhaps? “Let’s back slang it, I have had enough of this party.

Chuckaboo – a Nickname given to a very close friend.

Afternoonified – This word actually implies that you are quite smart! Like wow, you are afternoonified!

Daddles – This references hands, a delightful way to refer to hands, which is essentially a very boring way of saying it.

Doing the bear – Courting that involves hugging… lol so no, not sex. Basically snuggles.

Benjo – To be slightly noisy or annoying.

Gas pipes – Really tight pants, like those skinny jeans or leggings.

Poked up – Embarrassed.

Arfarfan’arf – You have most likely been this or know someone who regularly becomes this. Arf used to be a type of beer, so if you were three beers in and getting a little bit tipsy or drunk you become arfarfan’arf. Who is going to be arfarfan’arf this week?

Cop a mouse – To get a black eye, yeah maybe we leave this one out…

Enthuzimuzzy – a Satirical reference to enthusiasm.

Door knocker – a really long beard.

Don’t sell me a dog – This means don’t lie to me.

Umble-cum-stumble – this is quite a lower class phrase that means to thoroughly understand something.

Let me know which one is your favourite by tweeting me, umble-cum-stubmble?

Thank you for reading… #TheSomethingGuy #SouthAfrica #Blog

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