Are We Living In A Simulation?

You are on your way home, every single day at 16:15 you pass a corner where you see the same woman with the same dog, doing the same action. Every day. You drive into your complex and you see a black cat just entertaining himself on someone’s balcony. Every day he sits there you mutter to yourself.

The next morning you go to work, you see the same joggers, at the same time. You enter your work premises and you hear the one security guard making a joke with someone and you think, I have heard him say that so many times before. But have you really?

Are you living in a simulation where some aspects of your day to day life is just on autopilot and you are just repeating some of the tasks on a daily basis? Or is it all pure coincidence… I mean you do wake up and do the same routine every day as well. You start to work at the same time, leave at the same time and even eat at the same time.

Have you ever felt though, that something is a bit ‘off’ or not working out correctly in your life? Most recently I have had an experience where a vehicle behind me just seems to vanish into thin air while driving or experiencing the same sequence of events with just a slight bit of a difference.

For example, I started at a new gym this year. Inside of this gym, I have experienced people I know, but have never met. People who do the same actions, looking almost exactly the same as I remember them from the previous gym, yet they are not the same people. I have heard the same sense of humour and seen the same couples argue while knowing they are simply not the same people.

Is that just stereotypical a case of same kinds of personalities, different location?

They say history repeats itself. Look at the Covid-19 global pandemic. We seem to be having pandemics every 100 years. Sure there are loads in between, but major global pandemics that affects the entire planet we live in seems to be every 100 years.

“1720 — Plague; 1820 — Cholera outbreak; 1920 — Spanish flu; 2020 — Coronavirus.”

Does this mean history simply will always repeat itself, because we as humans never learn from our mistakes? Or does it mean that something running in the background simply is coded to ensure certain events occur at certain periods of time?

I am going to pose a different kind of question for you. What do most humans in our history have in common? We all have this evolutionary urge to procreate, create a little mini-you, create life. We have been fascinated by the idea of consciousness and life. What is consciousness, how does it work, how do you create it? We have children and see how they go from embryo to a full adult and experience everything in between.

So what is the next step for us in our curiosity? We create AI, artificial intelligent devices that mimic real people. We are trying to create consciousness through technology. Something that would in return act like someone and not something.

Have you ever heard of Sophia The Robot? She has been in the news and been going around the world for a few years. a product of Hanson Robotics, a robot that can show emotions, make jokes, and have conversations. This is one example of technology being turned into perceived consciousness in them. We as humans are working tirelessly to perfect this now. Why? We have this evolutionary drive that we simply cannot get away from. We must create. But what are we creating? Images in our own reflection. We want to be able to create ourselves, but better. So we create a computer program that learns as it goes and grows as it learns. Sort of like we as humans do. Now, hear me out. Is it not possible that perhaps we are living in a simulation whereby we are trying to imitate what we are a product of?

Could it be that we are working together like a computer simulation. We started off as a planet, a few tweaks were made to the program and we got plants, water and basic life. The program learned how it works and it said, hey look I made dinosaurs and other animals. Eventually the program kept learning and slowly perfected each form and every pixel. From animals we reached a stage of humans, from humans we are now pushing a stage of AI – beings. Why? because as in everything in life, we are always seeking for faster, better, smarter. We are always seeking for the next ‘upgrade’ in life.

So what if we lived in a simulation where we are all just one big organism acting as a computer program riding out this wave to somewhere unbeknown to us. Our reality is perceived through us as individual code in the program, while together we are working as one without even realizing it. If that was true, would it make a difference in your life and how you choose to live day-to-day?

Or, we could be in a real world. Living a real life. Being absolutely singled out as you being in control of your life and only you. Would that be scarier or better?

Did we start in a world as a brick, became a Nokia 3310 and now we act like the latest iPhone or is nothing real because we are simply a kids computer game like the Sims, and whoever is playing the game forgot about it?

Is the world filled with holograms hiding away the truth from us or are we blinded by our own sanity not being able to accept that this is the real world because it sucks for you?

There are many theories about if we live in a simulation. Some are from a science background, some are from a conspiracy background and some come from faith and religion. Would we ever find out?

If we do live in a simulation, and you figure it out, would you think you would be able to control it or change your outcome in this?

Well… regardless of if we live in a simulation or not. You are here reading this. You got curious about it. Your evolutionary urge kicked in and said, sure this is bullshit most likely but what if… and maybe just maybe, we need more people to find that curious instincts to start exploring and move onto the next phase of our evolution. Or perhaps, get a simulation upgrade at least with new skins and avatars.

Interested in a little bit of more info and theories?

Check out these amazing videos I found on YouTube that explains things quite well.

Thank you for reading… #TheSomethingGuy #SouthAfrica #Blog

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