The Caretaker

I think I met God last night in my dreams, but God was just a man. He wasn’t special in any way, he was merely doing a special task. He was a caretaker. His job was to be the observer, make a conclusion through the evidence provided and hear your case, and then send you on your way into the next life. 

His job was not to be a judge, but a caretaker of time and life. 

He stood behind a counter with glass walls. I was on the other side. He was an old man. He didn’t speak. He had a massive container of sand all around him. Dipping his hands through the sand he pulled out some basil leaves. Slowly he showed me the basil leaves by stretching out his hand towards me and I could see how the sand just faded away to reveal only the basil. 

I looked at it and I said that my basil leaves were better, it helped more people and I grew it myself from seedlings. 

He turned towards the glass wall to the side of us and there I could see my garden. I pointed out towards where he needs to look for the basil and he nodded, he was impressed. His facial features showed happiness, intrigue, joy. 

Then he dipped his hands into the sand again, digging through it and suddenly he pulled out a contraption with wires attached to it that were blinking. 

My first instinct was that’s where I lost it! That is for my teeth! And as I was staring at it I could see it is clearly an earpiece for if you are hard of hearing, but I am saying it is for my teeth. 

He looked up at me and he shook his head in disappointment. I could feel the sensation of “he has still not learned what he was supposed to learn” 

I then had a flashback in the dream of my previous life. I had issues with my teeth and was wearing braces, going through hell. Shy and reserved. I lost one of the things that were in my mouth and I never found it again. That broke me and somehow when I saw this piece coming from the sand I believed it was that piece that I had lost, even though the lesson I was supposed to learn was something else. I still don’t understand. Maybe I was a bit blind? Seeing braces for my teeth, but it’s actually a device for the deaf? Maybe my perception was so warped and I could only see what I wanted to see. But I couldn’t hear what was being told to me. I don’t know. 

But my lesson from my past life was not learned yet. 

Then the basil came up again and it was my current life. I am doing well. But the basil he was holding, was a different kind of basil than the one I was growing. What I saw when he showed it to me was not what I showed him that I had grown.

I have still not learned what I needed to learn here either. 

He then took it all away. He pulled some levers. And he sent me back. 

The caretaker checked my status, he showed me where I stand. He thought I was ready perhaps, or perhaps, I thought I was ready. 

But the caretaker sent me back. To continue my Journey. 

I need to learn to see, but also to hear. I need to focus on what I say but understand it’s all linked together. I need to understand that what I believe is growth is growth and my intentions there is definitely pure, but I need to remember that growth comes in all shapes and sizes, and so much more is yet to come. 

I met the caretaker last night in my dreams. 

Without a single word, he changed me. 

Thank you for reading… #TheSomethingGuy #SouthAfrica #Blog

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