The Life of Tiny Houses

Tiny houses have been around for a while but lately, more and more people are getting into it. With shows like Tiny House Nation on Netflix, people have been introduced to the concept of living in a tiny little home that is normally smart, convenient, cost-effective and easy to move around in.

Here are a few reasons why so many folks are obsessed with the #TinyHouseMovement

1. Environmentally friendly

2. Simplicity

3. Decreased Maintenance

4. Mobility

5. Multi-functional

6. Low Cost

7. Looks pretty bad-ass

Tiny houses are meant for someone ready to do a minimalist lifestyle, living off of what you need and nothing more. You save on bond costs, most of these homes are are solar powered so your electricity bill will be very little and also, it can just look cute and cozy af!

I decided to take a look at some very basic, some glamourous and some magical tiny houses that is out there and maybe also secretly wishing it was me living in one of them… just maybe.

Interested in a Tiny House while living in South Africa? Well, we actually have quite a bit of options from R250 000 until close to a million rand. Depending on the lifestyle and needs.

Check out some of these companies below.


Wendy Corp


Berman Kalil

Thank you for reading… #TheSomethingGuy #SouthAfrica #Blog

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