Comic Warehouse – Bedfordview

Recently I went on a trip to the famous Comic Warehouse situated on North Reef Road Bedfordview, Johannesburg. Definitely, the place to be if you enjoy good food, good snacks and a heck of a lot of comic book memorabilia to bring out your inner child so he can run wild and free.

Featuring some of the famous statues like Aquaman, Antman and the Wasp, Superman, Batman, Iron-Man to name a few, simply entering the warehouse you get greeted by a gigantic Hulk, ready to smash! The statues are ridiculously amazing to look at with its intense details to be seen. Literally, making you consider, what if I buy a gigantic Batman, where oh where would I put him in my tiny house?

But there are also loads of books to enjoy, Manga titles that are oh so popular to various unknown ones ready for you to devour and learn about. So much to read, so little time.

Plus the comic book collections have some of the most amazing titles to choose from. From scoobydoo to Ms Marvel. From Garfield to Doctor Who. They have it!

And what about the Funko Pop collection? Are you even considered a Fan if you do not at least own one of these little Pop figurines?

Not forgetting the various smaller memorabilia to collect, Key chains, board games, magnets, wallets, figurines and more!

But once you are tired of browsing, you can always visit their American Style COOKIE CO. store and stock up on some of the most delicious freshly baked sweet treats and snacks.

Or treat the family to a delicious Vegan meal from Kaylees eater and Kaylees Market.

Definitely recommend taking the family on a visit. From the old classic cars to the food and the snacks. Everyone in your family will have something to do, something to enjoy, and something to buy from the warehouse with the exception of your smile and feel-good moments, of course, those ones are there to last and free of charge.

Visit or contact them on:

147 North Reef Road Bedfordview

Monday-Saturday 09H00-18H00 Sunday and Public Holidays 09H00-16H00

+2711 524 7604

Alternatively, visit them through your local Hogwarts express… they have a stop! Haha

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