WATCH: Betty Bangles, South Africa’s Drag Performer

Betty Bangles has been entertaining South Africans and the world for over 18 years. She is a resident performer at Beefcakes and also brightens up birthdays, bachelorette parties and even weddings with her vivacious performances filled with passion.

Some of you might also recognise her from her 2017 TV debut in her show called Betty Bangles en die Dosserswhere she hosted the 1st drag reality show on Afrikaans television.

You might also recognise her from her out of persona (Bernard Buys) position she had with Casper de Vries on The Casper Radio Show on CliffCentral.

She has worked tremendously hard throughout the years to earn the title as one of the country’s top drag performers. With the Covid-19 Pandemic still causing devastation across our country and the world, many performers like Betty Bangles have had to come up with new ways to perform and also to remind the people that many performers in Film, Theatre and Live performances have not worked since the start of the pandemic even.

Betty Recently released a close to 5-minute sketch performance of Heatwave that she posted on her Instagram saying:

“With no budget and just buckets of Love for the arts, we made this little video for your entertainment!

Watch Below and show her and her fellow performers your support:

Thank you for reading… #TheSomethingGuy #SouthAfrica #Blog

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