Let People Enjoy Things

I hate when people are happy about something mainstream and there’s always that person that just have to say something about how they don’t like it or get the hype and end up making someone feel less because of how they respond to the situation.

For many people, like myself. It is sometimes very difficult to express the right emotions at the right time. I am an over-thinker for sure, while at the same time, I honestly really don’t care about other peoples thoughts. I go from zero to 100 just like that.

I am an Introvert with Extroverted tendencies, whereby if you know me you would tell people I am extremely loud, talks a lot, jokes a lot and always speaks my mind. But if you meet me for the first time, I will be the most silent person in the room that can barely construct a proper sentence together. Life isn’t always just what you perceive it to be and your actions towards others and your reaction towards others actions is very important.

Throughout my time on this earth I have seen so many times how people bring down others excitement and joy through what can be perceived as innocent banter or bluntness, sometimes a person can scrape together all that they have to share a special story or something unique to them to someone they trust or feel comfortable with and with a quick comment they can be left feeling crushed and broken down just like that.

Don’t be that person, that breaks-down other peoples excitement over something that truly brings them joy through criticizing them or the topic that they were eager to tell you about. For many people, the little things in life can bring them so much joy and excitements that others might not actually understand. BUT just because you do not understand it, or agree with it, doesn’t give you the right to try and be negative and condescending towards that person.

Let people enjoy things. Let someone who finds joy in whatever they find joy in, be allowed too. If they are not causing harm to others, why bring them down? If someone excitedly tells you a story, don’t just dismiss them and shut them down. If you disagree, there is always time and space for constructive discussions, but leave the nasty remarks at home. Your home.

We do not always understand the other person point of reasoning or why certain things bring them joy, but we should respect that we are such a diverse nation and diverse humanity in general that we are all unique with different wants and needs.

Let people enjoy things. If it doesn’t cause you harm. Keep quiet. If it doesn’t affect your life. Keep quiet. If they come and speak to you. Be kind and move on with your life.

Let people enjoy things.

Thank you for reading… #TheSomethingGuy #SouthAfrica #Blog

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