What Was Chainsaws Invented For?

This could be one of the most bizarre weirdest things you will ever learn in your life. Or you might even know this already, however it’s still quite an interesting story of what the chainsaw was invented for.

When someone says the word chainsaw, you would most likely not think about cute little babies’ but instead think about a masculine man wielding a massive chainsaw cutting a thick piece of wood into tiny pieces, or perhaps a bit more gruesome imagery like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie franchise.

Reality though is far different from what the chainsaw was actually invented for.

You see, before the use of the common caesarian section, all babies born had to pass through the birth canal, simply said. There was no alternative exit point. It did make sense during this time period. But what would happen when babies became obstructed during a breach, or if the baby is simply too large?

Well. Yeah, you are probably already getting where I am going with this… sorry! Well if babies couldn’t fit all the way through the doctors would have to find another way to ensure the baby is able to come out healthy and ready to start day one.

Doctors would typically remove parts of the bone and cartilage to make more space for the baby. This is called “symphysiotomy”. Now if you think of the time period – and the resources available during that time, the woman would normally have this done through the use of a small knife and a small saw right smack bang in the middle of birth without any kind of anaesthesia. OUCH! I cannot begin to imagine the pain and the mess that would follow…

But wait, it gets more intense.

In 1780 two doctors derived a master plan to create an apparatus to ease the child birthing process for when there is an obstruction. The doctors invented the chainsaw to make the removal of pelvic bone easier and definitely to save time during the procedure. Pocket knife vs Chain saw. Time was really important here. The original design was met with a hand crank to get it powered and looked more like the modern-day electric kitchen knife design that we are used too with little teeth on a chain that wound in an oval shape.

So yes, it was not a massive device to cut down a tree, but instead a small tinier version of it. Still scary though! Anything with the words chains and saw in it would surely raise eyebrows if it’s involved with childbirth.

This version of the chainsaw was invented in 1780.

But who would have thought that the scariest power tool out there, were actually being invented for the most sensitive body parts?

Wow, there you have it, folks. The invention of the chainsaw.

Thank you for reading… #TheSomethingGuy #SouthAfrica #Blog

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