Quick Recap of 2020 – What happened?

Firstly, congratulations for surviving 2020 – Secondly, the crying corner is available on request. It’s not over yet. This year has felt so long that most of us have already forgotten the majority of what actually took place in the year 2020.

Let’s do a recap.

Millennials were forced to join TikTok, and dance apparently.

Everyone learned how to cook or bake.

We actually had to speak to the people in our lives over ZOOM.

MEXIT and BREXIT happened. Harry and Meghan said goodbye yo and the UK said cheers to the EU.

Parasite won the Oscar for Best Film – a Film i still haven’t watched because it has subtitles and I am lazy AF.

There were locust swarms in Africa – Actual locusts just attacking crops everywhere.

Harvey Weinstein was sentenced to prison for sex crimes. Long Overdue, and feels like this happened a few years ago already.

Australia faced devastating fires that made the world mourn the loss of nearly THREE BILLION ANIMALS that died. THREE BILLION ANIMALS lost their lives sending the world into a crying frenzy as they ate their cow burgers and chicken nuggets crying watching the news over animals dying yet still refusing to stop killing their own animals that taste good in a snack right? BTW, in 2018 we were killing three billion animals PER DAY for food in factory farms across the planet.

California felt left out and decided to join Australia later in the year with devastating fires of their own.

Trump almost started world ware 3 with Kim Jong Un.

Kim Jong Un died, then came back to life then died again then came back again and no one is sure what is going on but apparently, he is fine, sure.

Donald Trump was Impeached but for Americans, that means nothing because their justice system is the worlds ‘dumbest politicians’ reality show.

We got the movie CATS, which was so bad! (the first version had cat bootyholes showing btw).

We thought stockpiling on toilet paper would save us from the virus.

Trump praised the coronavirus opinions of a doctor who believes there are demons in sperm while he also said people should use bleach to clean their insides… sure Jan.

Kanye West ran for President.

Kobe Byrant Died.

America had murder hornets.

Hong Kong Protests.

Many world leaders tested positive for Covid19.

Millions in quarantine due to Covid19 resulting in job losses and devastation for many many many families across the globe.

Beirut had a massive explosion.

Flash floods.

Ghislaine Maxwell arrested.

The world saw classified UFO sightings but just shrugged it off.

Captain America himself, Chris Evans accidentally showed us his magnificent dick.

Everyone got excited to watch the live-action remake of Mulan.

Everyone got disappointed after watching the live-action remake of Mulan.

The world watched videos to try and figure out if it was cake or not cake.

Carol Baskin and Tiger King. We know she did it.

Macaulay Culkin turned 40?!?!?!

George Floyd happened.

Breonna Taylor happened.

Black lives matter happened.

Chadewick Boseman aka Black Panther died.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Died.

Ebola made a comeback but not everyone noticed.

Michael B. Jordon won People’s Sexiest Man Alive.

Biden became US president-elect.

Well, that is just some of it. Good luck for 2021 Everyone!

Thank you for reading… #TheSomethingGuy #SouthAfrica

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