Profile: Jessica Pieters – DoenDitJouself

Ever heard the name, Jessica Pieters? Well, you should have by now! She is amazing, funny, creative and such a joy to watch on TikTok with her channel dubbed @doenditjouself (jou lui bliksem!)

Jessica produces hilarious yet very creative and inspiring TikTok videos showcasing easy ways to make magnificent items for your home from items bought at Builders, Mr Price Home, Crazy Store and PNA.

She shows you easy step by step guides of how to make the items, with a hilarious voiceover in Afrikaans being as honest as possible, saying the things many of us might be thinking but too scared to say. Below are some items she shows you how to be creative with.

Check out some of her ‘episodes’ on her TikTok channel below:


Episode 4 van DOEN DIT JOUSELF JOU LUI BLIKSEM. Dankie aan @plaaskat vir benaming van my reeks 😉 #doenditjouself #ddj #diyinafrikaans #luibliksem #sa

♬ original sound – Jessica Pieters

I highly recommend you follow her on her TikTok profile:

or her Instagram:

Alternatively, search some of her creative hashtags

#doenditjouself #luibliksem #kakkiesvirrakkies #kagelkakkies #diyinafrikaans

Thank you, Jessica, for being so creative and entertaining through DIY in Afrikaans!

Thank you for reading… #TheSomethingGuy #SouthAfrica #Blog

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