Meet Robert the Haunted Doll.

The Story Behind one of the World’s Most Terrifying Haunted Doll.

Science tells us dolls are just another kind of inanimate object created with plastic or some form of material depending on the time-frame of production of the said doll. However, those who have visited and met Robert the Doll has a very different mindset about what is and isn’t really.

The bizarre circumstances and stories following the life of Robert the Doll is filled with lights flickering, sudden movements and camera malfunctions.

Something that most people would agree about though is that Robert the Doll is Terrifying up close. You see, he is a little boy in a sailor suit, his face is only vaguely human. His nub nose looks like a pair of pinholes. He is covered in brown nicks all over almost like scars. His eyes are beady and piercing black. Almost as if he can see right into your deepest darkest secrets. He also has an eerie-looking smirk on his face. While, In his lap, he is holding a toy dog/lion looking doll all snuggled closely against him at all times. The dolls, doll if you wish.

Many people believe the same things about this Robert doll, they believe he is haunted, that he has caused car accidents, broken bones before, caused people to lose their jobs, get divorced and a bunch of other bad luck type events.

Robert is 115 years old and lives at the fort east Martello museum in key west Florida in America. Before that, he was the property of Robert Eugene Otto, Robert the doll was a childhood birthday gift from Otto’s grandfather who bought the doll during a trip to Germany, The relationship between Otto and his doll continued long into adulthood.

Now the relationship between the two was quite weird, the doll was never referred to as a doll, he referred to the Doll by name and spoke to him like he was a real person and went everywhere with the doll.

According to legend, young Otto began to blame mishaps on the doll. While this could have been laughed off as childish storytelling, adults also started noticing odd occurrences, especially as Otto and Robert grew older.

In 1974 Otto died and the artist house where he lived was sold to a new caretaker. Visitors would often report hearing footsteps in the attic and giggling. Some even claimed Roberts expressions changed when anyone badmouthed otto in his presence. The caretaker said that Robert the doll would often move around the house on his own, and after twenty years of antics, the caretaker decided to donate him to the museum in Florida in 1994 after finally having enough… Uhm, not sure why it took him twenty years though?

Since Robert arrived at the museum, visitors immediately started flocking to get a closer look at this naughty doll in real life. Since then, he has also appeared on TV shows, he has had his aura photographed, he is a stop on a ghost tour and he has even inspired a horror movie.

He has his very own Wikipedia page, social media accounts and fans can even buy Robert replicas, books, t-shirts and they can write letters to him.

Now if writing a letter to a doll isn’t creepy enough it is often said that most of the letters are apologies to Robert. It is said that you need to ask for his permission to take photos of him, and if you don’t do that you will start to experience extremely bad luck. Many visitors have said that this has happened to them and that they regret never asking Robert permission first. Well, some has even opted to email Robert instead of an actual letter… go figure, modern times hey. (For their sake, I hope Robert has a good internet provider)

The famous movie, Chucky, drew inspiration from the Robert doll in creating the movie however there is also a movie called Robert telling the actual true story of this doll. I guess Robert did not like being in the limelight to Chucky and really needed his own story to be told.

Would you want to meet Robert? Would you keep him in your house?

Check out some more in this Documentary footage below.

Thank you for reading… #TheSomethingGuy #SouthAfrica

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