Do You Have an Inner Monologue? Not Everyone Does

Firstly, to establish if you have one. What exactly is an Inner Monologue?

Well, an internal or inner monologue is a person’s inner voice which provides a running verbal monologue of thoughts while they are conscious. Think about it as talking to yourself inside your mind. It is inner speech or self-talk. As you read this text, you can probably hear your inner voice narrating the words. This comes in super handy when you are busy doing problem-solving, self-reflecting on a situation in your life or critical thinking and emotions.

Do you ever tell yourself ‘Don’t forget to buy milk’ as you leave the house and an hour later returning back from the supermarket you say to yourself in your head ‘gosh I am so stupid, I forgot the milk!’ That is exactly what an inner monologue is. It’s basically like hearing yourself talk inside your own head. A lot of people use language-based chatter to organize and focus their thoughts

Some of you might be thinking, oh that is normal – while others might be thinking ‘ wait what do you mean by this?”

This is because not everyone has an inner monologue. Some people only produce small snippets of inner speech here and there as they go about their day. While those with an inner monologue has a constant chatter going about during the day with everything they think and do. Some people think with images, concepts, and emotions. If you were to ask these kinds of people “what are you thinking?” – They would interpret their thoughts in word format and not even sometimes realise that they actually think differently than others.

Watch the below videos for some more information:

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