50 New Year Resolutions to choose from

2020 was a tough year, let me help you make it easier, choose your new year resolution here. Let me know which one you chose!

Complete the sentence:

My new year resolution for 2021 is…

  1. To each more cheese platters.
  2. To love myself, the way Kanye West loves himself.
  3. To not starve or die.
  4. To sleep more.
  5. To work on my resolution of 2016 that was never completed.
  6. To have more sex.
  7. To not put myself in situations that will make me puke internally.
  8. To talk like Mickey Mouse in the most awkward situations.
  9. To not take sleeping tablets and laxatives at the same time, again.
  10. To reach the weight I first was when I thought I was fat the first time.
  11. To eat more pizza.
  12. To gym at least once this year.
  13. To open an OnlyFans account.
  14. To call her.
  15. To binge the entire Simpsons series in one sitting.
  16. To get a tattoo.
  17. To go bungee jumping.
  18. To start trusting more people.
  19. To get a dog.
  20. To save a butterfly.
  21. To write a book
  22. To run a marathon.
  23. To eat four tubs of ice cream.
  24. To figure out how to do your taxes.
  25. To go vegan.
  26. To believe in myself.
  27. To plant a flower.
  28. To do charity work.
  29. To become a secret agent spy.
  30. To remember who you really are deep inside.
  31. To build a time machine and save harambe.
  32. To call aliens and find out what’s up?
  33. To start a mission to build a house for someone.
  34. To be yourself, but not like that.
  35. To eat more mushrooms. Or Shrooms.
  36. To try something new in life.
  37. To be nude with strangers.
  38. To stare at stars in the middle of the night for an hour
  39. To run and play with dogs.
  40. To look at bunnies playing.
  41. To eat healthy every day.
  42. To learn how to build a snowman.
  43. To get that drivers license.
  44. To create a secret language.
  45. To do more rope skipping.
  46. To tell someone you love them for the first time.
  47. To try a new sex position.
  48. To be less shy.
  49. To buy a house.
  50. To take over the world pink and the brain style.

oh, and happy new year you magnificent being you!

Thank you for reading… #TheSomethingGuy #SouthAfrica

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