MOVIE TIME: Watch ‘Dinner for one’

Every Year we hail in a new year with champagne and shooters, fireworks, and loud cheering for the countdown with strangers you probably never going to see again, living your best life at that moment.

Well, this year is a unique year, with the Covid-19 Pandemic harrowing in a new kind of New Year celebration, Most of us will be home for this year’s count down. I would, however, love to invite you to start your own New Years’ tradition with your friends and family this year.

For many years, my late father and I had an unspoken New Years’ eve tradition and that was to watch the 11 Minute long sketch called the Dinner for one.

Since its initial recording, the clip has become a New Year’s Eve staple in Germany as well as the UK and South Africa.

In 1963, Germany’s Norddeutscher Rundfunk television station recorded a sketch entitled Dinner For One, performed by the British comics Freddie Frinton and May Warden. The duo depicted an aging butler serving his aristocratic mistress, Miss Sophie, dinner on the occasion of her 90th birthday.

Although four additional spots have been set at the table, the nonagenarian’s friends have long since passed away, and the butler is forced to take their places in drinking copious amounts of alcohol while toasting Miss Sophie’s health. Hilarity, as it is wont to do in such cases, ensues.

Even though my father hasn’t been around for quite a while, I have continued watching it every new years eve or on new years day. Small tradition but great memories.

Watch the 11 Minute long movie:

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